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MERRIAM, Kan. — A disturbance call at a Drury Inn in July led officers to discover a number of drugs, and Schlitterbahn co-owner Jeff Henry sharing a room with a reported prostitute. While Henry was out on bond for his charges related to the Schlitterbahn death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab, this incident led to charges against him in Johnson County.

An affidavit says officers were called to his room on July 13 where a man kicking the door said people inside were using methamphetamine and marijuana, and he was trying to get his girlfriend. This man was later identified as Ronnie Hargreaves. Officers entered the room and found Henry “frantically emptying several water bottles containing a clear liquid into the sink,” and two other women.

One woman said she was Henry’s girlfriend, and the other told investigators she had a drug problem and regularly prostituted for Hargreaves. Henry’s girlfriend said she met Hargreaves and the other woman the day before and invited them back to the Drury Inn. She denied having a drug problem, but investigators noted she had a bruise on her neck that looked like the result of an injection. She also said all four had consensual sex in the hotel room.

The woman who said she prostituted for Hargreaves said she went to the Drury Inn to complete a deal with Henry. Officers searched her purse and found $240 and 10 day passes to Schlitterbahn. During a later interview she said the money and passes were payment for “services” she and Hargreaves provided, and that at one point she had injected meth into Henry’s neck.

When officers spoke with Hargreaves, he said that Henry had a large amount of meth in the hotel room and that Henry and his girlfriend injected meth into their necks with needles. Officers arrested Hargreaves and charged him with battery related to the disturbance call at the Drury Inn.

Officers continued interviews and turned to Henry, who denied using or having drugs and said everything they heard was a lie, and if there were drugs in the room, they didn’t belong to him. He and his girlfriend were kicked out of the room and officers searched it.

Under a mattress they found a plastic bag with 18 hypodermic needles, two small pill bottles, and a cylindrical pipe containing three baggies with a crystal substance. Crime lab exams revealed all three bags contained meth, totaling 48.75 grams. DNA tests revealed that Henry was an overwhelming match on two of the three baggies. Analysis also revealed one of the pill bottles contained Xanax, a controlled substance.

In all, Henry is facing a misdemeanor possession charge, felony distribution and paraphernalia, as well as buying sexual relations. He’s posted bond in this case and is due in court on Thursday.