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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — FOX4 has uncovered court documents that reveal new information in the two day old investigation into a woman’s body found buried on a Grain Valley property.

The discovery came as a result of a child sex investigation and continues to reveal disturbing details of almost unbelievable crimes.

It all began to unravel in October 2020, when a teenage girl in foster care went missing. When she was found, the child told police a disturbing story of sexual abuse, for which 40-year-old Michael Hendricks and his girlfriend 30-year-old Maggie Ybarra, have been charged.

What else the victim told police led to a bizarre murder investigation.

The victim told  detectives about disturbing photos Hendricks and Ybarra showed her of a dead woman who had been dismembered. That information led investigators to Hendricks’ Grain Valley home where they found the body of 32-year-old Kensie Aubry buried on the property.

The Kansas City Star reports the child told police Hendricks and Ybarra tried to get rid of the body parts by dropping them from a helicopter and when that didn’t work, they buried the remains on Hendrick’s property.

Court records state that the child victim, who is known to Ybarra, was in foster care and told who she calls her foster sister many of the details of the alleged sex crimes and other things she heard and saw about Aubry.

The victim told police Ybarra tried to get her foster sister to come with the girl for a visit, but the victim told her foster sister not to go because she was afraid for her safety. The girl told detectives, “I don’t know what (Ybarra) would do to my sister since she knows, because she thinks my sister is going to run her mouth.”

While neither Hendricks nor Ybarra have been charged with anything involving Aubry’s death, FOX4 uncovered new information that cadaver dogs hit on the presence of blood on a circular saw found in Hendrick’s helicopter hangar. It has been determined the blood is that of a woman. DNA identification is underway.

Hendricks and Ybarra are also targets of a federal investigation for PPP fraud. While the Feds will not confirm details, FOX4 has learned that Ybarra was an employee of two businesses, one named “Michael Hendricks” and another, “Hendricks Aviation”. Hendricks is a computer programmer and also owns a tech company that employs about two dozen people.