Court records detail criminal history for both suspects in KCK mass shooting at Tequila KC

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Hugo Villanueva-Morales and Javier Alatorre are each charged with four counts of first-degree murder for Sunday’s mass shooting at Tequila KC bar. The shooting happened in the early morning hours just before closing, killing four people and injuring five others.

This is not the first run-in with the law for either suspect.  In fact, police arrested 29-year-old Villanueva-Morales for attacking a Jackson County deputy outside of a night club two months ago.

The deputy was off-duty and working as a security guard at the club near 29th and Southwest Boulevard at the time of the attack.

Court documents show the deputy kicked a man out of the club.  The man allegedly returned with Villanueva-Morales.  The deputy says Villanueva-Morales started yelling at the deputy.  He’s then accused of grabbing the deputy and punching him in the face.

Prosecutors charged Villanueva-Morales with third degree assault in the case.  He is scheduled to appear in court on October 28, 2019. The assault charge is the latest in a long list of crimes for Villanueva-Morales.

In July of 2008, he was convicted of aggravated burglary in Johnson County, Kansas.  He served several years in prison for the crime, including time at the state’s Correctional Mental Health Facility in Larned.

Villanueva-Morales was paroled in 2011, but only spent three months free before police arrested him again.  Prosecutors charged him with aggravated robbery in November of 2011.  He was convicted and a judge sentenced him to prison in August of 2013.

This time he served a longer sentence.  He also racked up dozens of disciplinary actions on his record while behind bars. The offenses included theft, lying, possession of dangerous contraband, battery and threatening people.

Villanueva-Morales was discharged in March 2019 because he’d served out his sentence.

Javier Alatorre is the other man charged in connection with the mass shooting and faces four counts of first-degree murder. While the 23-year-old does have a criminal record, it’s not as extensive as the record of Villanueva-Morales.

Alatorre has a DWI on his record.  He was also convicted in June of 2018 for trying to run from police.  After serving about a year in Kansas prisons, he was released in August 2019.  While behind bars, Alatorre was indicted in Jackson County, Missouri, in connection with that same police chase. His trial is scheduled to begin in June 2020.

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