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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mayor Quinton Lucas says he is frustrated with the increase in COVID-19 deaths and infections. However, he insists that, if everyone works together, we’ll still get through this together. 

As coronavirus cases and deaths continue to climb across the country, public officials in Kansas City hope to soon see a downward trend.

“We continue to see more community spread,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said. “There are certain things we need to enhance. That includes better testing, faster results for testing, that can help stop the spread long term.”

According to the Kansas City Missouri Health Department, there have been 26 COVID-19 related deaths in the city since July 22. That’s more than double the amount of deaths from the two weeks prior. The number of people needing hospitalization have also increased.

Mayor Lucas said the statistics are discouraging. 

“The way that we get back to Chiefs games, the way we get back to life as we once knew it, is by making sure we do simple things — like wearing masks, like keeping social distancing, like ensuring everybody’s going to be safe and healthy,” Mayor Lucas said. 

Lucas said flattening the curve needs to be a region-wide effort. 

“I do encourage any counties that are around us in northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas to make sure they’re taking these steps too,” Mayor Lucas said. 

Looking ahead, Mayor Lucas said more restrictions are always a possibility. But that is not what he wants to see. He said he believes, if we take the proper steps now, that can be avoided.