COVID-19 vaccine clinic opening in converted K-Mart store in KCK


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Wyandotte County will open the metro area’s first COVID-19 vaccine clinic Wednesday after converting an old K-Mart store on State Avenue in just about a month’s time.

Part of the building is already being used for COVID-19 testing, and a new area will start serving as the spot to get the vaccines beginning Wednesday. Health department employees, EMS and health care industry workers will be part of the first group to get vaccinated.

Once people come in, they’ll get a clipboard to fill out basic information, then wait to go behind a privacy screen to get the vaccination. After, people will move into a waiting area for about 15 minutes to make sure they aren’t having a reaction to the shot.

Now the job is convincing as many people in the public to get the shot once it’s their turn.

“When I think of the way COVID-19 has impacted our communities, the disproportionately high rates of cases and deaths among our Latinx population, our Black populations, I just think of this as being the way out of this for so many in our community who have suffered through COVID-19,” said Juliann Van Liew, Director of the Wyandotte County Unified Government Public Health Department.

“This is hope on the horizon and the way Wyandotte County can start to return to normal.”

It’s important to remember you need two shots spread out by three or four weeks to get full protection. After you get the vaccine, you’ll receive a card to remind you when to come back for the next dose. The Wyandotte County clinic hopes to be a model for others around the region.

The county plans to open two more clinics to help vaccinate the public over the next year.

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