OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Mask mandates aren’t the only things to have expired as the pandemic was reclassified as an endemic in Kansas and Missouri. So have many masks themselves.

Before you take medicine, you probably check the expiration date. Most people probably don’t think about it, but should you do the same thing when it comes to products designed to combat or test for COVID-19.

“I think you should start fresh depending on how long something has set around,” Overland Park resident Dean Knapp said.

A specialist in PPE and healthcare supplies says sanitizers you bought at the beginning of the pandemic should be fine, but other items likely aren’t.

“Masks, it’s a big topic now. Millions of masks are expiring right now. A lot of these masks have about a 2-year shelf life,” Leo Friedman, iPromo founder, said.

Friedman said unused paper masks still can break down even if they were never used. Look for fraying; visual inspection is key.

Although your mask may have expired, COVID-19 tests may be good past the date on the box.

“They put a conservative expiration date not knowing how long the reagent lasts the test strip. But now that more time is passing, they are seeing that it works fine all these expiration dates are being extended,” Friedman said.

Check the manufacturers website for up-to-date expiration dates on COVID-19 tests.

Kansas City reports weekly COVID-19 cases have risen to 431 last week from 100 on April 2. Meanwhile, Johnson County now reports a 17% community positivity rate.

“As the weeks go by we have seen a slight increase in the weekly hospitalizations,” Dr. Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System said.