COVID vaccine passports draws mixed reaction in metro as Missouri House moves to ban mandate


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As more people become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, the debate over vaccine passports continues to grow.

In Missouri, leaders are showing opposition to this kind of mandate.

Monday, the Missouri House of Representatives advanced a bill that would ban private businesses from requiring proof of vaccination from either employees or customers.

“It’s definitely like a personal choice, I don’t think it shouldn’t be mandated by any means,” said KC resident Alan Cordry.

“I am hearing a lot about places that are making you get them, like for concerts, specifically. Having to get them [vaccine passports] in places that are going to have large crowds and lots of people, that makes a little more sense,” Clayton Daugherty told FOX4.

Some people said it’s a thin line between responsibility during a pandemic and personal privacy. They believe mandating this vaccine crosses that line.

“It has the potential to be abused,” said KC resident Bill Beard. “If they mandate it, then I will have a little bit more trouble deciding to actually get it.”

The idea of a vaccine passport isn’t new.

An international certificate of vaccination is required by several countries as proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever.

Vaccines are often required to enroll into schools.

Some people believe this ‘COVID passport” is no different.

“People are arguing that government can’t force you to do anything, they’re always talking about their constitutional rights, but children have to get vaccines to go to school, we have to be responsibility to the greater good, and the community. I absolutely think it should be required,” said local nurse Lisa Weatherly.

Missouri lawmakers move one step closer to banning all kinds of “vaccine passports.”

The Missouri bill not only banning coronavirus vaccines, but also banning private businesses from requiring proof of any vaccination.

Governor Mike Parson has spoken publicly about how he won’t require vaccine passports in the state of Missouri.

He said he is comfortable with private companies adopting them.

In a tweet posted April 5 on Twitter he wrote: “I do NOT support a vaccine passport and have no intention of implementing one in the State of Missouri.”

The House bill will require one more vote before going to the Senate.

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