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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Two major roadways in Blue Springs were shut down for several hours after a crane toppled on Monday, crashing into a pickup truck near 7 Highway and U.S. 40.

The workload for Kansas City Power & Light is not getting any lighter after the crane knocked out multiple power lines, forcing a handful of shops and businesses to close for the day. Crews were already busy restoring power after weekend storms knocked it out for thousands.

A viewer shared this video with FOX 4’s Marcus Officer:

“I was trying to figure out and try to make sense out of that picture. I`m just wondering as much as everybody else,” resident Juan Castro said. “It`s crazy because I thought it was a sign for a new auto dealer or truck dealer.

The sight of the crane caught the attention of Castro and dozens more who were out running their afternoon errands.

“The crane was trying to lift a sign that they had cut to replace and for whatever the reason, the crane tipped, fell over, and landed onto a construction truck,” Blue Springs Police Lieutenant John Kingsolver said.

Police say the dirt underneath the crane began to give out, causing the fall and the spectacle.

“The first thing that goes through our head is ‘is anyone hurt?’ And we were very lucky on this that nobody was. There was a driver in the truck, but he saw it coming, got out of the truck, and took off running,” Lt. Kingsolver said.

The sight was so spectacular – Erica Wilson fought traffic just to catch a glimpse for herself.

“Oh my God. I mean the truck, it`s not even on it`s wheels, it`s flipped over and leaning on the crane part. I`m just thankful that nobody got hurt,” she said.

The crane also took out several power lines, which knocked out power to the street lights and at least five businesses, including Bank of America. KCP&L crews worked throughout most of the day to get things back to normal.

“It`s just going to be a matter of time before the power company can get the power back on. I think everybody is aware that power is out in certain locations here, and that air conditioning is going to be down for a little bit,” Lt. Kingsolver said.

But after a sight such as this – this won’t be a day Castro ever forgets.

“It is something to remember,” he said.

Police are asking people to do their best to avoid the area, as soon as the truck is cleared, traffic should be flowing back to normal.