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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Seeing Caleb Wolf and Raegan Weber now, you wouldn’t know the two have been in and out of the hospital for years. Thirteen-year-old Caleb has had multiple procedures for brain malformation and cerebral spinal fluid issues. Ten-year-old Raegan had a brain tumor more than two years ago.

They met in the hospital and bonded quickly.

“I feel amazing because only a year-and-a-half ago, I was just riding on my pole in the hospital, and she saw me and started to smile, I didn’t even know her back then,” said Caleb.

The duo created Henson’s Heroes , named after the hospital wing where they met, to donate toys to kids who are in the hospital celebrating holidays and birthdays away from their families.

In less than two years, they’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars worth of toys, and last year they were invited to throw out the first pitch at the Big Slick game surrounded by some major celebrities.

This year they’ll be at the front gates of Big Slick, Gate A at Kauffman Stadium, collecting toys and money for a summer campaign to replenish supplies for the kids.

“They might run out by now because a lot of kids take the stuff,” Raegan explained.

Raegan and Caleb say they can’t wait to bring even more happiness to kids.

“It’s pretty good, I’ve seen some pictures of some kids holding them on Facebook saying, ‘thank you, Henson’s Heroes,'” Raegan said.

Because even though the duo is spending more time outside of the hospital than in it these days, their hearts will always be with the kids who don’t get the same freedom.

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