Creepy clown lurking around town catches people’s attention


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As if clowns aren’t creepy enough. Having one stand around dark street corners holding balloons is even creepier. One red-nosed Bozo is doing just that and freaking out residents in the town of Northampton in England.

When asked why, the anonymous clown said he does it to entertain people. His costume of choice is the creepy clown Pennywise from Stephen King’s movie “It.” Pennywise hunted children. Northampton’s clown says he hunts smiles. He said he just wants “to amuse people.”

He’s been trolling around the UK for months. His Facebook page was launched Sept. 13, 2013. It features pictures of him at Stonehenge and various other locations. His catch phrase seems to be “BEEP BEEP,” which is better than “I’m going to kill you,” as his facial expression seems to say. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but those who get creeped out by clowns would likely agree — his face is freaky.

As time goes on, he said it’s getting more difficult to keep his identity a secret. His Facebook page currently has over 200,000 likes, and with smartphones, those who see him out and about snap pictures and post to social media sites, increasing his popularity and threatening his anonymity. But he shows no signs of stopping.

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