Crews stay busy plowing roads ahead of another potentially treacherous morning drive

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Freezing temperatures and slick roads – drivers will need to take it slow during Friday morning’s commute, especially on city side streets.

Kansas City, Mo., crews have been in action since Tuesday morning pre-treating roads before Wednesday night’s snowfall of nearly three inches. Since then, they have been working around the clock to plow primary roads and start moving toward clearing secondary roads.

“What we really want to do is, of course, get those emergency routes accessible for emergency vehicles,” said Beth Breitenstein with the KCMO Public Works Dept.

“We really want that direct route to your job, as we know that people access primary roads to get to work.”

But when the snow stopped, the temperatures remained frigid – dropping back down to single digits Thursday evening.

“It like chills to the bone,” said Brett Branstetter, as he stood on the platform waiting for the Kansas City streetcar. “It cuts straight through. The wind is pretty chilly, so it`s bad.”

Still, some of the unplowed secondary roads in Branstetter’s River Market neighborhood prompted him to opt for public transportation on his way to work instead of taking his own chances behind the wheel.

“I hope that obviously the smaller roads like this get cleared off,” he said, “and that people will stay safe and just stay patient.”

Of course, this is the Midwest, and some people born and bred here believe…

“Oh this is nothing!” said Carl Glorioso. “You know, three inches is a piece of cake!”

Glorioso, owner of The Glam Room Salon and Beauty Bar in River Market said the snow didn’t put a damper on today’s business.

“Hair is very important to people,” he said, “so they come in and get it done, especially when they have already made their appointments for their special events.”

But as temperatures drop again Thursday night, Breitenstein warns of a refreeze.

“Any time the sun sets and the temperatures cool back down,” she said, “you have potential for refreezing. But we`ve been hitting the primary routes hard out ahead of rush hour and trying to get ahead of a lot of that refreezing.”

She said primary road crews will be working until midnight, as she urged drivers to proceed with caution.

“And to help us out, we always tell anybody who has on street parking to park on the North and West side,” she said, “and just practice common sense and help each other.”

Overnight, temperatures are going to drop below zero. So Kansas City crews plan to check bridges for icy spots starting around 3:30 a.m., and then primary road crews will be back in action around 7 a.m. to prepare for morning rush hour.

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