Decades later KC woman still looking for answers in son’s killing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been decades since her son’s murder but a Kansas City mom knows that solving it is going to take someone stepping up.

“People have to stop with this, ‘well, I don’t want to be a snitch.’ a snitch is somebody that does something with you and then tells on you. That’s a snitch. A witness is somebody who saw something happen and tell what they saw.”

Corlis Davis believes if people would start understanding this many more cases like her son’s cold case could get solved.

Twenty-seven years have passed but she can still hear the sound.

“I heard the shot, but I thought it was a firecracker because in July people tend to pop fireworks the whole month. And so I didn’t think anything of it. I was in my kitchen and cleaning out the refrigerator,” David said.

Davis lived behind the house where her son was at 49th and Virginia, near Troostwood. He and his friends had just wrapped up playing basketball.

According to detectives, Mark happened to be out on the porch, not involved in anything and a vehicle was seen driving up and down the street multiple times.

“They didn’t really think nothing of it cause the street is real narrow so they just thought it was somebody going back and forth to somebody else’s house,” Davis said.

A brown sedan, four men inside.

Detectives said its last pass down the street, the suspects from the vehicle started opening fire and hit mark once in the chest and another individual that was on the porch in the foot and then sped off.

And that is where the trail stops.

Davis was there for her son’s last moments but didn’t get to ride in the ambulance and found out later at the hospital he was dead.

Detectives said Mark had no negative contacts with the police. He was not into gangs, was not into drugs, just unfortunately wrong place, wrong time.

“They were after somebody’s cousin who lived in that house, and I’m on camera so I don’t want to be saying names, but everybody in that house knew who was after their cousin,” Davis said. “They had to.”

Mark left behind a daughter, just a toddler and a son he didn’t even know was on the way. Those kids now have kids of their own.

“The time really doesn’t help because when it’s happening every day, like there was a knife in my heart and every time I turned on the news, somebody else’s son has been murdered the same way mine have,” Davis said.

Davis says it’s a shift in mindset that’s needed . People need to understand the value of life. This type of gun violence. It’s unacceptable.

“These people that are doing the killing, they don’t understand. They may be killing that person, but they’re killing the people that are still alive. They’re taking our lives from us for, no, we didn’t do anything to you. You hurt us by taking somebody that you were, whatever your reason was, you didn’t just hurt that person. You hurt everybody that was connected to that person, and we’re still here, that’s not fair. It’s not fair. Nope. Not fair at all.”

If you have any information on the murder of Mark Davis, call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474- TIPS. There is a $25,000 reward in this case.


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