Crime, mental health, gun rights among issues discussed as Gov. Parson, Mayor Lucas meet

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s time to make something happen.

That’s according to Missouri’s governor and Kansas City leaders, who sat down to chat on Tuesday afternoon.

Violent crime, gun rights and mental health were among the issues discussed by Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who were joined by Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith.

Parson commented to reporters he’s like everyone, tired of hearing speeches about change, which are sometimes followed without action. Now, he and Lucas said they’re putting their heads together to seek solutions to major issues.

“We`re going to be looking at ways for people, one, to get an education, and two, to get a job,” Parson said.

Both the governor and mayor said they’ve met with elected leaders in Missouri, concerning issues that affect communities.

Parson said he still wants to protect the Second Amendment rights of lawful gun owners, but he believes it’s time to confront people who use guns to kill and commit crimes.

Both Lucas and Parson mentioned matters related to mental health and making those issues a top priority toward community-building.

“How can we, in a non-partisan manner, think about how we can make our community safer? How can we, in a non-partisan — without taking biases toward one city or another — do basics, like making sure kids are safe in Missouri and Kansas City?” Lucas asked.

Lucas said he believes community resources, including mental health social workers, are vital to helping people in need. Parson said he believes many issues will need to go through the legislative process before we’ll see real change.

“How do we deter the violent crime in this state? In the short term, also, and how do we give officers the tools to combat this situation?” Parson said. “I think when you start talking about mental health, it plays a role in that. Social services plays a role in that. For the victims side of it, the things we have to address.”



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