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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor Mike Parson took to Facebook Monday to voice his opposition to critical race theory.

He said in part, “critical race theory has no business being taught in Missouri classrooms but the vast majority of our schools are not doing that. Our state has a long history of valuing local control, and that is why local schools districts have statutory authority over curriculum.”

Republican lawmakers are asking the governor to ban the teaching of critical race theory in Missouri schools.

Earlier this month, a letter drafted by Sen. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) and signed by other Republicans asked Gov. Mike Parson to issue an executive order banning the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) and the “1619 Project” in schools before students return in August.

Members of the House and Senate Joint Committee on Education heard testimony Monday in favor of why it should be banned in the state, but Democrats in the meeting were upset because no one spoke in favor of CRT.

“I felt today it was important to hear from people who have tried to go through the official cycle of authority in their districts,” Chairwoman of the committee Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin (R-Shelbina) said.

CRT is a hot-button issue that’s making headlines across the country as other states pass legislation prohibiting curriculum in their public-school systems.

“If we are interested in gathering information and really understand seeing a complete picture of what’s happening, for what purpose and the impact it’s having on students both good and bad, if bad, then, I hope that we as a committee really look at a completely diverse perspective as opposed to handpicking witnesses to testifying,” Sen. Lauren Arthur (D-Kansas City) said.