Crooks target new Westport boutique multiple times in just one month


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A new boutique owner in Westport says she’s frustrated after her store was targeted by thieves three times after officially opening in February.

Deedee Macklin, the owner of Sugafoot’s Klazet, said the attempted break-ins continue to happen, even after she confronts the suspects.

“It is kind of concerning because I am here when this is going on, and this is broad daylight,” Macklin said. “My boutique has been vacant for 2-3 years, so that could be a reason why things are going on the way they are going on, too. They always come from the back.”

Macklin said her store is a unique experience where women can shop, unwind and even have therapeutic sessions. It’s tailored for plus-size women, but she said everyone is welcome.

Macklin said she paid a lot of money to make sure everyone has a safe experience and feels secure.

“I capture everything on camera. The man next door, I talked to him and he said the 20 years he’s here, no one has ever done that to him,” she said.

During the latest incident, Macklin said she was inside her store doing inventory. She saw suspects attempting to break in on her cameras and chased them away.

Macklin said she filed police reports but wants to bring attention to what’s happening. She said most of all, she wants it to stop.

“It’s a lot of people that work very, very hard and spend a lot of money on their things, and I worked very hard for what I got. So the last thing I’m going to do is sit back and watch somebody come and break in my business,” Macklin said.

For some business owners in Westport, they said it’s not only the homeless camp drawing attention to the area, but now the problems with various crimes.

Some owners told FOX4 they are working together to hire more on-site security to help patrol the area.

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