Crowd gathers for vigil to show that KC stands with Orlando

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Orlando is hundreds of miles away from Kansas City, but on Sunday that distance seemingly didn’t exist. Hundreds gathered at the Barney Allis Plaza hand-in-hand to to show that our city stands with Orlando.

It began with a small circle of people from all faiths, with Orlando heavy on their mind. Regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, they say they have one thing in common: they’re heartbroken.

Patricia Ramirez cried for her daughter, who just transitioned to male, and has had to face hate every day of his life. Something that has been hard for his brother to witness.

“All my life, I’ve been trying to protect him, trying to do as much as I can for him. Hoping he would be okay,” Ramirez said.

When crime scenes like this come on the screen, he says it’s hard to keep faith. That’s why he came to vigil with his mom hoping to renew it.

“Sometimes I just pray.”

“This is an absolute travesty. An absolute shame that you have to be gathered here,” Mayor Sly James said.

The mayor got emotional as he spoke to the crowd of hundreds about gun laws, asking when enough will be enough.

“It is time for us to take control of this issue and do something about it or we will continue to see brothers and sisters die,” James said.

It ended just how it began, standing hand in hand. Organizers say this visual is a testament to Kansas City and the world. Where there is hate, there is even more love.

“If any city in this country, we have heart. I think standing in unison and uniform across the country just shows how strong we are,” Organizer Beau Heyen said.

The mayor is calling for the people of Kansas City to wear rainbow colors Monday, to show their support for the LGBT community.



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