Customers angry about Missouri “novelty store” closure

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Former customers of an incense store are upset after it was closed by police.

"Neighborhood Novelties" was shut down because of alleged illegal activity. Police say the store has been selling illegal synthetic drugs and neighbors report fights and panhandling were connected to the store.

Customer Michael Matthias did not agree with the closure. He found out about the closure when he stopped by and found the front door locked.

"This place, they didn't sell the bath salts, you know the things that makes people eat each other's faces or whatever, this was primarily an incense place," Matthias told Springfield TV station KSPR. "I think this place should be open. They do a lot more than that petty crap. They've got a whole wall of movies in there, they've got all sorts of t-shirts, Tech N9ne, local Kansas City, they've got some good brands in there, stuff like that."

He says he once used synthetic drugs, but did not like them.

"I used to be a patron of this store and every once in a while, you'll find me being a patron of a different store that serves similar products. But I don't over abuse it," he said. "It doesn't really matter whether he hustles t-shirts or shoes or chains or rims or these synthetic cannabinoids. It doesn't really matter what it is it's stimulating the economy."

Matthias says the store's customers are to blame for recent crime in the neighborhood.

"To all the cats out there that's hacking your mama's jewelry to buy this stuff or you out there robbing your girlfriend's purse on paycheck day or you wait for social security paycheck to come around just so you can buy this, you need to man up, is what you need to do," said Matthias. "Go get a job and spend your own money on this foolishness."



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