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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You might’ve seen ads on your Facebook feed for a “Margarita Crawl” event happening this weekend in Kansas City.

It sounds like a night of fun with delicious drinks, but some people who bought tickets are now feeling a little salty. They worry they’re being scammed.

Taps on Main  is considered the host site for Saturday’s “Margarita Crawl,” hosted by a company called Bar Crawl Unlimited. But that company has gotten a bad rap after similar events had some serious issues in other cities.

Julie Lane has been looking forward to the girls night out for months.

“We bought tickets way in advance and were gearing up to go to,” Lane said.

But Lane got worried when she didn’t see any updates about where the margarita crawl would be held. So she started researching the company online, learning it hosts similar events nationwide.

The Yelp reviews are probably a one star and just a lot of disappointed people,” Lane said.

There are a slew of complaints regarding canceled events and no refunds. Several Facebook users are also sounding off, calling the company “hot garbage” and a “total scam” and describing the event’s promised “swag bags” as merely a cheap koozie and beaded necklace.

“I don’t think I will participate,” Lane said.

The company’s got an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau and a special alert. The BBB reports that a St. Louis event this year got rescheduled, and a bar advertised as part of the event had never agreed to participate. As a result, a ticket vendor cut ties with the company.

Bar Crawl Unlimited continues advertising more events in Kansas City and across the country, well into 2020.

“Just, you know, pay attention, and if it seems like there’s no information, take a good look into it and see if it’s really worth it,” Lane said.

As of Thursday, the Kansas City Margarita Crawl event shows 1,100 ticket holders, with just two bars participating.

In a statement, the company said:

“We have had some issues in the past but as any other business we worked through them and each event we are making changes for new improvements.

“Our bars and specials get posted 24-48 hours prior to the event as we can’t post a venue on social media to the public until they send us the specials. We would like to preannounce them without them but that’s not in our agreement with establishments.”

But both BRGR and Taps on Main told FOX4 that Bar Crawl Unlimited just contacted them for the first time Thursday afternoon, and they agreed to participate.

Both businesses said they weren’t aware of the issues in other cities and are committed to offering drink specials and doing whatever they can to make it a successful event for those who participate.

But the businesses also say there are several local, reputable companies that offer beer and beverage tours and do a great job. So if you have concerns about buying into an event you see online, you’re better off spending your money with those local tours, many of which even include transportation.