Cut by cut, Blue Springs teen earning the green to pay for flight lessons

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The sky’s the limit for a Blue Springs teenager with some high aspirations.

“I fly planes, my dad flew planes since he was 8 years old, and my grandpa flew planes for 55 years,” 13-year-old Sam Dyer explained.

Dyer is following his family’s passion of soaring in the sky.

“It`s in the Dyer blood!” his mom Heidi said.

She says flying is something he’s always been interested in.

“He`s always loved going back to my husband`s home town in Marshall and looking at his grandpa`s airplanes, and going up with him in the plane,” Heidi added.

But it wasn’t until recently that he asked his parents if he could take flying lessons.

“About a year ago, the middle of last year`s school year, I wanted to, and finally over the summer, after going on vacation to the Bahamas, the pilot let me sit in the cockpit and let me check all that out,” Sam said.

“Ever since then, Sam`s just been talking about it, and really just taken a big interest in flying,” Heidi said.

But the lessons aren’t cheap, so Sam decided to get to work to raise his own money to cover the bill.

“I mow yards, I mow my neighbor`s yard next door almost every week,” said Sam, “My dad taught me how to mow a lawn, in the backyard he would have me do a couple strips, that was when I was 5 years old I think.”

“He`s been raising money, and he`s spending his money that he raises and he just says, ‘okay, I have enough for flight lessons, let`s do it,’” Heidi said, “It`s a great feeling, you don`t see kids nowadays doing that, they`re either just in the house playing video games, and not wanting to get outside and earn something, and for him to want this and to earn it, it`s incredible.”

Sam says it feels good to earn the lessons himself — for almost two months now he’s earned enough money to take lessons with an instructor at east Kansas City airport in Grain Valley.

“I just like the feeling when you`re up in the air… you can just look at everything,” Sam said.

He says this is his passion — and hopes to become a pilot one day.

The minimum age for someone who wants to privately fly a plane or helicopter on their own is 17. Pilots can begin training at any age and can actually fly a powered plane at age 16 — as long as an instructor is on board.



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