Dangerous Kansas City building demolished after partially collapsing


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A building previously declared dangerous by the city of Kansas City was demolished Tuesday night.

The building at 3902 Woodland partially collapsed earlier in the day after first showing signs it might crumble Saturday with bricks falling on to the sidewalk. Tuesday morning the entire front wall came down.

“Whether six days of rain exacerbated the problem here and caused further collapse at that point it doesn’t make any difference because it moves to the top of the list and it’s got to come down,” Neighborhoods and Community Services Department spokesman John Baccala said.

Tuesday evening a demolition crew came in with an excavator and brought the building to the ground quickly before anyone got hurt. There’s a church right next door where they held bible study Tuesday evening.

Usually, once a building is deemed unsafe, the city tries to track down the owner and see if he or she wants to rehab it or pay to have it demolished. But most often they do neither, leaving the city to have to pay for it and then try to recoup their losses.

“Average demolition of a small home is $8,000-10,000, let alone a building this size behind us and the city just doesn’t have the money to take all these down,” Baccala said.

The city originally allocated $1.5 million but between 2016 and 2018 spent $10 million on demolitions and rehabs, but still has 362 dangerous buildings to contend with.

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