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PETTIS COUNTY, Mo. — Sheriff Kevin Bond is asking the residents of his county for help in calming what he described as a “criminal element among us” rising up in response to a deputy shooting.

In an open letter from Bond, he said that “the onslaught of shock, commercial media coverage, social media outcry, and raw emotion is beginning to devolve into a dangerous situation” for the community.

Hannah Fizer, 25, was pulled over by a deputy with the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, June 14. Investigators said Fizer stated she was armed and verbally threatened to shoot the deputy. The incident escalated, and the deputy shot and killed her. The deputy’s name has not been released pending investigation.

Police later said that they did not find a gun in her car.

No body camera or dashcam video of the encounter exists due to previous technical issues and a lack of funding.

Sheriff Bond said a group has now threatened both him and some of his other deputies who were not involved in the incident.

He said one deputy has been harassed and threatened with “serious assault,” with his name and picture circulating on social media. The deputy’s daughter has also been threatened.

“There are lies circulating about both him and Hannah with this. The truth does not matter to the instigators, and unsuspecting people are being sucked into the hatred,” Bond wrote.

He also said he received an extortion email, threatening to spread his home address on social media if he did not comply with demands. He did not say what those demands were, but he did say people have called for his and the police chief’s resignation.

He said other deputies have already had their home addresses spread over social media.

“I need every person’s help in doing this. I need you to think rationally and not just with emotion. We are all hurting and we need time to heal. I need you to stand with me and not tolerate unreasonable behavior,” he wrote.

Read the full letter on the Pettis County Facebook page.