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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The daughter of a missing Prairie Village woman is getting help as she tries to find out what happened to her mom.

That help is coming from the sister of Alissa Turney, a teenager whose case went viral through TikTok. Both women hope a new approach will find Angela Green.

The app is known for dancing and funny videos, but for Sarah Turney, she used it to help solve her sister’s murder.

“I don’t think people realize how that snowball effect really works, but you are doing something as small as sharing a post is very powerful,” Turney said.

Her sister Alissa disappeared in 2001 when she was 17 years old and Sarah was 12. She shared her sister’s story on the app, and by telling her story, she gained more than a million followers. Now, Sarah’s father, Alissa’s stepfather, is facing charges in the case.

Turney heard about Angela Green’s disappearance and is working with Angela’s daughter, Ellie Green. She plans to create a TikTok for the case and feature Ellie on her podcast, Voices for Justice.

“I dug deep into the story. I reached out to another podcast that had talked to Ellie to get me in contact, and the rest is history,” Turney said.

“I think right now when I’ve hit a dead end, someone who has pushed through and got answers after so many years — it gives me hope. It just scares me that it could take such a long time,” Ellie said.

Angela Green disappeared in July 2019, but no one reported her missing until February of this year. Ellie is on a mission to find her mom and believes her dad may hold the answers.

“It would just be a huge weight off my shoulders. No matter how bad the news is, at least it’s better than not knowing at all. It’s better than waiting,” Ellie said.

For months, FOX4 has tried to speak with Geoff Green. In July, we went to Green’s home to get his side of the story and to ask if he knew where Angela is. He opened the door and said he didn’t know where Angela was and had no comment.

On Wednesday, we reached out to his criminal defense lawyer, Paul Cramm, by phone who reluctantly admitted he’s representing Geoff Green and said his client has “no comment on the situation.”

Ellie said she hopes she will soon have the answers she’s longing for.

“Honestly, what I want is just to have a place to be able to grieve for her,” she said.

Prairie Village police said Wednesday there were no new developments in the case and they have no active leads or tips. They are still in the fact-finding stage of the case and have received conflicting information about her whereabouts that are concerning. 

Police said although the case is dormant, they’re not going to forget about Angela Green and are looking for help from the community to provide information that could lead them to her.