Days later, family still in shock after Washburn football player killed in shooting

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Dwane Simmons was a son, brother, friend and teammate. But that was all cut short this weekend in Topeka when he was shot and killed.

Simmons’ step-mother, Yasmine Simmons, is still in shock.

“It felt to me, that I was living someone else’s life,” she said. “Just to arrive and find out our son is dead. There’s nothing that can compare to that.”

On Sunday, the Lee’s Summit West grad was leaving a party near Topeka’s Washburn University with his friend, Corey Ballentine, when both were shot.

Simmons was killed. Ballentine was injured but will be OK.

“The first few days of this was filled with sadness. We lost our child. It was only yesterday that I think we began to realize it was two parts to this. One, we lost our child. But two, somebody had taken him from us,” Simmons said.

Days have passed, and Topeka police still have no leads on a possible suspect.

“Everyone has talked about how loving and how kind and how sweet Dwane was. We’re just asking people to thank him for that love, that sweetness and that entertainment and that spirit that he showed by coming forward,” Simmons said.

Washburn held a vigil Tuesday night in Simmons’ honor. His family will hold a local one Thursday for his close family and friends. It is closed to the public.



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