KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 14-year-old girl from Independence has still not regained consciousness after getting hit by an Amtrak train last Thursday afternoon.

The family of Janey Stanfield says she has a broken leg, elbow, jaw, and possibly even a skull fracture as a result of the collision.

Stanfield’s mother, Rachel Sisson, said they wish she had not been on the train tracks while returning from a nearby friend’s home. But, now they’re also sharing concerns for other kids who live in the area.

Neighbors – just off the tracks – say the Amtrak trains are quieter than you might think especially when compared to larger trains.

“The larger trains, you can usually hear it coming from all the way down here, and it starts to shake our house. You can hear it. It’s real loud,” Emma Shaw, who lives near the site of the accident, said.

“The Amtrak train is behind the other track, and it’s not as loud,” Shaw said.

The area is just north of Truman Road between Northern and Ash Avenues. That is where an Eastbound train at about 4:15 pm Thursday hit a person.

We now know the person hit was Janey Stanfield – a freshman at nearby Van Horn High School. Her mother says it’s been touch and go.

“Right this moment she’s actually in surgery, her second surgery,” Sisson said.

“There are several kids that do live around that area and the tracks are right outside my daughter’s friend’s house – not very far at all. They cross those tracks all the time just getting around the area. It was normal for her. She normally would do that,” Sisson said.

“She was on her way home and I don’t know if she was listening to her headphones or what – we’re not sure about that,” Sisson said.

“When she first came in [to the hospital] they were telling us there was a good chance she may not make it,” Sisson said.

Sisson said she hopes a barrier or fencing might be explored to try to keep this from happening again.

Some neighbors agree.

“I was telling my husband when we moved here – I wish that there was a barrier up there just for safety precautions. Because you never know. You don’t know if people are up on the tracks. You don’t know if animals can get up there,” Shaw said.

The recovery timeline for Stanfield is still fluid, Sisson said.

“She has not been conscious. She’s like gripped hands and kind of flickered her eyes a little bit but she’s not awake,” Sisson said.

“She’s been doing well and now this has happened and I think it’s going to put her way behind on everything. But she’s strong. I think she’s going to get through this,” Sisson said.

FOX4 reached out to the city of Independence as well as Amtrak to get a feeling on if barriers would be a possibility in that area.

The family has also set up a GoFundMe to help with medical costs.