DE SOTO, Kan. —Monday the De Soto school board will vote on a proposed boundary change to better balance the number of residents within each school board member district. 

Currently De Soto schools have three school board member districts, each with two elected representatives. The district also has an At-Large board member position.

The state requires each school board district to be within five percent of the average population of the three districts based on federal census data. Based on 2020 census data, the population estimates for each of the three board member districts are:

District 1 & 4 = 12,248, (1.75% below average) 

District 2 & 5 = 11,417 (8.42% below average)  

District 3 & 6 = 13,734 (10.17% above average) 

Based on the average district population, current district boundaries must be realigned. 

Districts should be aligned with current voting precincts set by the county election commission. Monday the board will vote on a proposal to amend district boundaries by moving precinct Shawnee 3-08 from District 2 and 5 to District 3 and 6, and moving Shawnee 1-08 from District 3 and 6 to District 2 and 5.

Proposed district boundary map.

The change would affect approximately 1,074 residents. The proposed boundary map would also better align district boundaries with elementary boundaries. 

The population estimates for the proposed board member districts are:

District 1 & 4 = 12,248 (1.75% below average) 

District 2 & 5 = 12,491 (0.20% above average)

District 3 & 6 = 12,660 (1.55% above average) 

The proposed change will not remove or add additional members to the board. Under the proposed boundary change plan, all current board members would remain in their current district. 

If approved, the new district boundaries will be in effect for the next regular school district election in 2023.