Deadline to file appeal for Jackson County property tax assessment extended to Sept. 3

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Board of Equalization voted Tuesday to extend the deadline to file a formal appeal for your property tax assessment in Jackson County until Tuesday, September 3. The extension was first reported as September 1, which is a Sunday, followed by Labor Day, necessitating the move to September 3.

Tax assessments – and their appeals – have been on the minds of Jackson County residents all summer. It’s affecting people and properties from Waldo to Blue Springs, Independence to Hyde Park, and Lee’s Summit to West Paseo.

Ever since Jackson County tax assessments hit mailboxes earlier this summer, there have been a lot of questions about the appeal process. Home owners told FOX4 that their property tax values have sky rocketed while their homes’ values have remained stagnant.

By mid-July roughly 22,000 homeowners had filed informal appeals with the Jackson County Board of Equalization.

Real Estate Agent Stacey Johnson-Cosby told FOX4 Sunday that she is taking time out of her busy schedule to help others through the appeal process. She says the first step is alerting homeowners of what’s happening.

“Many of the people we’re seeing their properties are evaluated too high,” Johnson-Cosby said. “It’s simple erroneous information that the county is using to come to the values.”

As a former member of the ‘BOE’, Johnson-Cosby put together a team of experts to hold community workshops. They’ve help more than 150 people file compelling appeals.

“You can do that by taking pictures of some of the problems with the property,” Johnson-Cosby said, “If it’s on a block that’s high crime or if you have vacant homes next to you or anything that would drive down the value of your property.”

She worries if the property tax assessments stand, people will lose their homes.

“Plus a lot of investors and landlords will either have to raise their rents to cover the increased cost or they’ll sell their properties,” Johnson-Cosby said.

If you filed a formal appeal, what’s next? The County says “the Board will notify you of the date, time and location of your scheduled hearing. More information can be found here:

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