#Debatedogs take over Twitter for a pawsitive spin on the 2020 election cycle

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WASHINGTON — They say that dogs are man’s best friend — and in this case, they might just be the key to surviving the 2020 election cycle.

It all started during the 2016 election when NPR reporter Scott Detrow sent out a tweet asking for dog pictures. And thus, #debatedogs was born.

Detrow, who co-hosts the NPR Politics Podcast, said that he actually wanted the dog photos to brighten his mood after some tense moments during the 2016 debates.

“This actually started in 2016 during the general election debate. Sam Sanders and I – just at one point, when they were really grim and really toxic, we were just, like, hey, everybody. Just tweet a picture – if your dog is watching the debate, tweet us a picture of your dog watching the debate. And people did that,” he said during the podcast. 

Listeners remembered #debatedogs for the 2020 election cycle, and now the hashtag trends on Twitter during debates.

Tuesday night’s debate was no different.

The dogs started off the night wide awake and ready to take in policy proposals offered by the candidates.

Mona eagerly waited for the candidates to take the stage.

Izzy was all ears as the candidates discussed medicare for all.

Bernie Sanders piqued Biscuit’s interest.

As the debate wore on, the #debatedogs turned into pooped puppies.

With the general election 13 months away, at we have plenty of opportunities to see #debatedogs on Twitter.

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