Debris from Kansas tornado victims spreads far into Missouri

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SMITHVILLE, Mo. — People in the Northland say the debris field from Tuesday’s tornadoes may be much larger than the areas damaged.

Some saw a lot of wreckage fall from the sky, even though the tornado came nowhere near them.

From Platte County, Smithville, all the way to Holt, Missouri, FOX4 viewers are reporting finding storm debris they can trace back to Linwood, Kansas.

Kimberly and Matt Davis were out on their porch watching the storm pass to the south at about 7:40 p.m. when they saw dead leaves, insulation and other debris fall to the ground during the rain.

A shredded flower pot that dropped into the middle of their street caught their eye, and when Matt retrieved it, the couple was surprised to learn that it came from Free State Growers, a nursery damaged by the tornado in Linwood.

“Unbelievable was probably the first thing we said,” Kimberly Davis said, who lives in Smithville. “You are kind of scratching your head, like what? Thinking we are way up here in Smithville and I really didn’t know where Linwood, Kansas, was, except for the tornado hitting it and seeing it was somewhere by Lawrence.”

Linwood is more than 50 miles away from Smithville. Just to the west, in rural Platte County, a viewer took a photo of siding that he says measured four feet long and landed in his yard at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

And further northeast, in Holt, a couple said a binder cover fell from the clouds into their yard. It also originated from that nursery in Linwood.

All of these folks say finding wreckage so far from where the storm struck has left them in awe of the destructive forces of nature.

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