Delayed mosquito season now keeping Kansas City pest control crews busy


NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the return of summer weather, another annual foe is back with a vengeance: mosquitoes.

“Mosquitoes need two things; they need moisture, but they need heat,” said Matt Perry, owner of Mosquito Joe in North Kansas City. “We’ve had the moisture. We just haven’t had the heat. So once the heat happens, they activate very quickly, and that’s what’s happening right now.”

Perry’s crews have been busy, but he said this year’s mosquito season has been delayed by about a month because of the cooler temperatures in May.

“So now, in the last few days, in the last week and a half or so, the activation has happened so dramatically that it’s hard to avoid it,” Perry told FOX4. “Now you can see it, you can feel it. It’s all there.”

Perry recommends removing all standing water from any part of your landscape that can become clogged or waterlogged — like drains, birdfeeders, plant-holders and buckets.

But most striking, Perry pointed out how even the tiniest containers of standing water can be a massive breeding ground for these pesky summer pests.

“A Coca-Cola bottle cap, for example, can breed 700 mosquitoes,” Perry said. “So just something very, very small like that can have a significant impact on your environment.”

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