Delivery man beaten in head says he forgives attackers

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BELTON, Mo. —  A Chinese food delivery driver talks for the first time since police said he was brutally beaten in the head with a bat months ago.

Jordan Cheng, 51, spent his first weekend at home and has a surprising message for his alleged attackers.

Cheng said he it is very excited and happy to be home.

Cheng lives with his father, Danny Cheng.  Both are from Taiwan, telling Fox 4 they moved to the states more than a decade ago for a better life.  But Cheng’s father’s restuarant business went under and Cheng said he started working as a delivery driver for Mandarin House Chinese Restaurant in Independence to help with bills.

But a delivery took a very scary twist for the two one January night.

“My son is very good.  Every night before he would come home, he would call me and said, ‘Daddy, I’m coming home.’  But on that night, he didn’t call me,” Cheng’s father said.

He would soon find out what police think happened. Blood-stained concrete in front of an abandoned Independence home marked where police said Cheng was beaten in the head with a bat multiple times.

Cheng showed FOX 4 the scar on his head where surgeries were performed.

“I got to take care of him. You know, in the United States, it’s just him and me. Before he takes care of me, now I have to take care of him,” his father said.

Cheng said he spent more than two months in rehabilitation.  He said he is dealing with double vision right now, so he can’t drive or work.

“Right now, I’m at home, relaxing,” Cheng said.

Police charged Brandy Locke, Luis Reyes, and James Hollis in connection to staging the crime at the home to rob Cheng.

But Cheng said he isn’t angry at them.

“Forgive them, forget,” he said.

Cheng said he feels blessed to have another chance at life.  He said he was supposed to get married before the attack, but he said that is no longer going to happen after this incident.

Cheng and his father said medical bills are in the tens of thousands.  If you want to help, they said they have set up an account at Hawthorn Bank under Jordan Cheng.

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