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TOPEKA, Kan. — The Delta 8 debate continues in Kansas.

New legislation could get the product back on shelves legally.

Over the past few months the legality of the cannabis product has been tested. Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe says businesses need to have it off their shelves by March 20 if it doesn’t fall within the legal boundaries of the drug.

“Our Delta eight products currently outsell our traditional CBD products three to one,” Heather Steppe with the KC Hemp Co. and the president of the Kansas Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Back in December, Attorney General Derrick Schmidt issued an opinion that the product is a controlled substance. Steppe hopes stakeholders can come to a compromise.

“What we really want to do is not only be able to provide these products and keep them on the shelves, so that businesses all across the state can remain open,” Steppe said.

She worked with lobbyists, legislators, and other business owners to put together House Bill 2706. It specifies help products sold in Kansas can contain Delta 9 of no more than 0.3% Delta 9 is part of the hemp plant used to make Delta 8.

Representative John Barker says he introduced the bill as the chair of the Committee of Federal and State Affairs. He’s asking the Department of Agriculture, law enforcement, and the hemp industry to come to an understanding on the legality of Delta 8.

“When the law was not clear, there’s different terms. applications. And sometimes it’s what the legislature is for is to make some clarity in the law. And that’s hopefully that’s what we can do,” Barker said.

“Having very basic regulations put in place to ensure that your consumer is safe is important, and I don’t think that there are overarching regulations that we would like to see,” Steppe said.

Barker says he received a response from the Department of Agriculture Friday on a possible compromise between parties. He’s hoping to learn more on Monday.