Demolition underway at Bingham Junior High School but former students say boxes still visible

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One month after FOX 4 broke the story about student files left unsecured at Bingham Junior High School, demolition is underway.

After FOX 4’s story broke, district officials admitted that student files were left behind mistakenly when the school closed. The district agreed to remove student files within 48 hours and shred them.

Work crews did remove some files but one month later, some former students allege the district didn’t remove all the files.

A former student who checks on the school says the files are easily visible from the street.  He also says their alleged visibility raises questions for him as to whether the district did what they were supposed to do.

In video FOX 4 shot on Tuesday, it looks like demolition of Bingham Junior High School is underway, and it also appears that hundreds of boxes that should have been removed may still be on the property.

FOX 4 reached out to the school district but has not received any response.

Last month the district sent out a release stating that there was no sensitive information in the files left behind, in what appeared to be an unsecured building.

In files obtained by FOX 4, student files contained social security numbers and birth certificates.

FOX 4 also checked out several school buildings now closed within the district such as Greenwood Elementary, which is boarded up and has metal locked doors. Franklin Elementary is also secure with a fence around it and locked doors and no trespassing signs.



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