Despite just working on spring landscaping, metro companies prepping for possible snow

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Instead of pushing mowers, crews throughout the metro are preparing to possibly push snow.

On Friday, employees at True North Landscaping and Snow Removal temporarily put up their landscaping equipment and instead got out another thousand tons of salt for the weekend.

Roye Dillon said his job sometimes requires him to juggle all seasons in just a week.

“We were out mulching and trimming plants, putting down fertilizer and getting ready for spring,” Dillon said. “And then, now we are pulling crews back in to put salt spreaders and salt plows back out for this weekend.”

Dillon said the extreme cold and lack of moisture have created extra challenges. You might notice area flowers blooming later than usual this year.

“Roses, things like that because of how dry it was, a lot of evergreens are damaged and box woods especially because of how dry it was over the winter,” Dillon said.

The good news is that the late cold snap could help with bugs, including ticks and oak mites.

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