Destructive, Dangerous Tree Finally Chopped Down

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Northland family who said they couldn’t live in part of their house for fear a huge tree might collapse on it, was pleased Thursday when they heard the chain saws roar to life.

City officials and neighbors demanded the property owner cut down the rotten tree, located in the area of N.E. 45th Street and North Oak. Forestry experts told Kansas City, Missouri, officials that the entire oak tree was rotten and in danger of falling.

The city issued citations when there was little progress. The owner didn’t cut it down, even after a 75-foot branch broke off it three weeks ago, crushing the truck of a woman who lives across the street.

Read her story here: Northland Neighbors Live in Fear of Tree.

“We’re prisoners in this end of the house.  We all live in one room, one room,” said another neighbor, Tim Rathbun on May 4.  He said his girlfriend and two kids along with their dogs and guinea pigs were all sleeping in the living room. They only go back to the east side of the house when they have to use the bathroom.

The city was in the process of hiring a company to chop the tree down when the landlord, a wealth management adviser named Benaiha Bernich, hired Walker Tree Service to cut most of it down on Thursday.

A 30-foot stump with no branches will remain.




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