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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cathy Pickens has worked at Coach’s Bar and Grill for almost three decades and is currently its general manager. But events that have taken place in the last week have left Pickens without a clear picture of the future.

“It’s almost like a waiting game and we can’t tell our staff that it’s going to be two months, or six weeks, or three months, we don’t know,” Pickens said.

Pickens said she and her staff have been through a lot in the more than 20 years she has been at the restaurant.

“This is not my first flood but it’s the most devastating flood. In the past we could power wash everything out, put up a few extra walls, paint, and in a week we would be back at it. This time, it’s not the case,” she said.

Workers are still cleaning up the damage that was left behind from last week’s flood but as the cleanup continues, so does the waiting.

“The not knowing. Not knowing what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen.” Pickens said, “Knowing that because these doors aren’t open that I’ve got employees that don’t know if they are going to make the rent this month because they’re missed an entire week of work.”

Pickens said although the flood was the most recent blow, it isn’t the heaviest the staff at Coach’s has faced in 2017.

“We’ve been through enough this year, we could use something more on the positive side. Losing Mike [Darby] and there for a while thinking I’d lose Chrissy and Brian. I’ve had about enough of that stuff,” she said.

Pickens said she is praying that a plan for Coach’s future begins to take shape but, more importantly, hopes there is a resolution to her friend’s death.

“Nothing could be better than finding out who took Mike from us and getting some justice for that,” she said.

Mike Darby was killed on a nearby trail while walking his dogs in May. No arrests have been made in that case.