LENEXA, Kan. —A Topeka-based developer is hoping to begin remediation efforts at the former Holland Mine in Lenexa. 

Tuesday the Lenexa City Council will consider issuing a special permit for a mining/quarry operation at the southwest corner of K-10 Highway and Renner Boulevard. 

The 80 acre property was part of the former Holland Mine No. 1, which operated in the 1970s and 1980s. According to city documents the land is undevelopable on the surface and underground due to the instability of the mine. 

Mid-States Materials, LLC is requesting a five-year special use permit (SUP) to remove the remaining rock and cover up the mining area to allow for new development.

Removing material from the surface to the floor of the existing mine will fill in underground cavities and void spaces. This process will allow material to be compacted into the  excavated area to provide a stable ground surface that can then be used for future development. 

The full process is estimated to take approximately seven years and nine months to complete. City code only allows an SUP to be active for a maximum of five years. Mid-States Materials will likely need to request an extension on the permit as the five year SUP gets close to expiring. 

The permit will allow for excavation of the site including the blasting of materials; Rock crushing, including the processing of the excavated materials; and rock sale operations. 

Mid-States Materials will use revenue from rock sales to help offset the cost of mine remediation. The quarry would operate in three phases, 

The property is bordered by K-10 Highway to the north, Renner Boulevard to the east and a planned residential development to the south within the Olathe city boundary. Due to the topography of the site, including a small streamway, there will be a buffer between the quarry property line and the neighboring homes. 

If approved, mine operations will be limited to Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. For noise management, rock crushing equipment will not be used before 7 a.m. and would not be operated within 400 feet of the western property line and south property line.

Blasting operations would be limited to Monday through Friday between noon and 4 p.m. and would require a permit from the fire department. 

The council will also consider approving a preliminary site plan for the proposed project. The plan includes a temporary trailer for office use and a temporary scale house to be used during the mining and quarry activity, but no permanent structures are planned for the site. 

The applicant will also make road improvements on Renner Boulevard that include a new southbound right-turn lane and a northbound left-turn lane at the entrance of the property. 

The Lenexa City Council will review the SUP and preliminary site plan at the next regular council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 16. The developer must submit a final plan to the city and receive approval before mining operations can begin.