OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Construction is underway on a new $125 million multisport complex in south Overland Park. 

Wednesday local developer Price Brothers welcomed state and local officials to a groundbreaking for the first phase of a massive multisports complex to be named the AdventHealth Sports Complex at Bluhawk. 

“We know that there are many benefits that come from physical activity every day for both the participants as well as the families cheering them on,” Monica Nassi, chief nursing officer at AdventHealth South, said. “We are excited that this complex will provide families the ability to be active year-round. As a bonus we can deliver, next door, healthcare at AdventHealth South Overland Park.” 

The AdventHealth Sports Complex will serve as an anchor to a 277 acre mixed-use development at 159th Street and U.S. 69 Highway. In its entirety, the Buhawk complex will include retail space, new restaurants, a multisport complex and an existing grocery store.

The City of Overland Park has approved $70 million in Sales Tax and Revenue (STAR) bonds to support the project.

“STAR bonds were absolutely crucial to help finance the project. Public-private partnerships are really a big component of projects of this magnitude. We’re just excited, not just for the state’s support but the city’s as well in participating in the STAR bond program,” Bart Lowen, vice president of development at Price Brothers, said.  

Price Brothers estimate the project will generate $3.8 million in economic impact through new market sports and spending revenue in its first year of operation. 

“They will put heads in beds in our hotels. They will be spending money in our restaurants. They will be shopping in our retail stores. Every one of those dollars is going to turn over again and again and again. It’s going to bring more prosperity to Overland Park, Johnson County and the state as a whole,” Lt. Gov. David Toland said.

Once complete the new facility will include multiple ice rinks, basketball courts and an indoor turf field, as well as locker rooms and stadium seating for fans and family. 

The multisport sports complex is designed to attract athletes from around the country through tournaments and competitions, but for local athletes it’s an opportunity to have space to hone-in on their skills. 

Alexis Snyder has been ice skating since she was six years old. Snyder, now 13, is a member of the Silver Blades Figure Skating Club of Kansas City. She trains roughly five days a week for multiple hours at a time. 

“I have been traveling around really these past two years around Iowa and Austin [Texas] and they’ve had awesome facilities. The facilities we have in Kansas City they’re not as nice and I’m just really excited for a nice facility that has skating, soccer, laser tag, all sorts of different things,”  Snyder said. 

Snyder said she’s excited for the new complex to open, because it will give her a quality space to skate while her younger brothers play soccer. 

Developers anticipate the AdventHealth Sports Complex will open in the fall of 2024.