Diner serves up fried walleye and well wishes to support Trenton officer shot in line of duty

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TRENTON, Mo. — While Jasmine Diab recovers in the hospital, her Trenton family is doing what it can to show support — serving up a benefit dinner complete with fried walleye, fries and a drink.

Just $10 will get you in the door at Dino’s Diner in Trenton, Missouri. Inside is a busy army of people dressed in custom made T-shirt that read, “Dino’s Diner supports Officer Diab.”

“We have a lot of love in this community,” Patron and Trenton resident Jim Theesfeld said,We care about one-another and you can tell that when a disaster happens.”

Disaster struck in Winston, Missouri when Diab was shot in the stomach while transporting a prisoner from Trenton to St. Joseph.

“I told her that we were praying for her and to keep strong,” Gary Schuett said of what he told Diab when he payed her a visit in the hospital Tuesday.

Schuett is a member of the Police Personnel Board that hired Diab as a Trenton police officer.

“She was very enthusiastic about being a police officer and just came off real good and real strong,” Schuett said. “So we thought she’d work out well, and she has.”

It didn’t matter if you know Diab well or just met her once, like Dianna Crawford. She said the entire community felt the blow.

“Just knowing that a young mom and child is going to be separated for awhile,” Crawford said. “It just really took the wind out of our community for awhile, but now everyone is pulling together and loving each other.”

Until this tight-knit community can enjoy some fried walleye with Diab at Dino’s, they’re sending her a lot of well wishes and plenty of support.

“We hope for a fast recovery, and we’re waiting to see her again,” Owner Dino Dzabiroski said.

“Jasmine, we just can’t wait for you to get back, but we’re praying for you.” Crawford said. “Just stay strong, and you’ll get home.”

All proceeds from Friday’s fundraiser will go directly to Diab and her family.



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