Dings, dents and damage: Hundreds crashed by the time snow stopped falling in KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two days of snow means hundreds of cars around the metro now have dings, dents and, in some cases, damage worse than that.

Kansas City police worked 401 crashes in the 24 hours between 8 a.m. Sunday and Monday and an additional 127 from the start and the end of Monday's commute.

Missouri State Highway Patrol worked approximately an additional 225 wrecks in the same time period in the Kansas City region.

When the snow first started falling, Hendrick Collision Center's Assistant Manager Ken Jacobson knew what was in store for him Monday.

"I could already tell yesterday it was going to be a very busy the next few days, going to be for a few days," Jacobson said.

Badly damaged cars still covered in snow started filling their garage Monday and plenty more were still coming in on tow trucks as the day rolled on.

"The first day or two we are really getting hammered in the office," Jacobson said.

Before they can begin repairs, it's Jacobsen's job to talk to insurance adjusters about coverage and necessary repairs that can add up.

"It is $3,000 to $4,000 easy just to replace the air bag components, let alone all the front sheet metal, bumper. There can be inner structure damage, suspension damage, quite a number of things," Jacobson said.

KC Complete Auto Service stays busy with minor crashes, including plenty of fender benders that police have asked drivers to wait to report until things calmed down. Depending what's immediately obvious, your car will likely on the alignment machine, where you hope red read outs don't put you in the red.

"If we have to replace struts, it's probably $300 or $400 per side, control arm is probably $200 or $250 per side. Even a little bump on a curb can actually mess up the suspension," Store Manager Dave Holecek said.

Each repair shop expects more damaged cars from the past couple days to still trickle in.

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