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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – A woman said she is still disturbed by a discovery she made at a Lee’s Summit business. On Tuesday, Cydney Carl said she was eating lunch at The Peanut on Main Street and found what she calls racist business cards.

“That’s so sad that this is something that is still a problem,” she told FOX 4.

Carl said she alerted a manager who was just as shocked to learn the business cards were sitting near the magazines. She said the manager immediately pitched the cards.

The logo on the cards is similar to the one used by the Alt-Right, which is associated with white nationalism.

The back of the card said “America was 90% white in 1950. It is now 60%. Make America Great Again. Trump is the first step. We’re the next.”

Carl said she immediately felt disgusted by the business cards.

“When you think of the Alt-Right, in my head, I imagine some tiny little town in the middle of nowhere with zero access to media, with lack of education, lack of diversity, not in Lee’s Summit,” she told FOX 4.

Carl said she is happy she notified the manager at the restaurant, because she would hate for a child or somebody else to come across the message on the card.

“I think that they are cowards to hide behind something like this and to distribute something like this into unknowing businesses,” she said.

The manager at the restaurant on Wednesday said she immediately tossed the cards and said nobody at The Peanut associates with the kind of views on the cards.