Discovery of student files inside closed school leads to policy change in KCMO School District

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Mo., School District has responded with a policy change after student files were found unsecured in a school building that has been closed since 2001.

The school district said in order to prevent other closed schools from harboring student files, such as Bingham Junior High, they will conduct a security audit at all their closed schools.

48 hours after FOX 4’s story aired on Monday,  the district began removing the files to shred them and they added security at the school.

Within the district, it’s not unusual to store student files in closed school buildings such Bingham, but the district admitted they made a mistake and overlooked these files.

Former students and parents were concerned and upset when they found out the files contained sensitive personal information such as social security numbers.

The district said Bingham did have security and whoever removed the box of files obtained by FOX 4 will be prosecuted.

“So what’s important is that we have taken steps to ensure that the site is even more secure than it already was,” KC School District spokesperson Ray Weikal said.”I think it’s important that people realize the documents were stored in a secure location and they were obtained illegally.”

Neighbors have complained for years that Bingham is an eyesore and that there wasn’t any visible security.

The district says Bingham is also in the process of being demolished,




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