‘Disheartened’: Vandal slashes Blue Springs family’s Halloween decorations overnight


BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A real life Halloween slasher tore through a Blue Springs neighborhood, taking out several yard decorations.

And after neighbors starting talking, they discovered even more damage, specifically a crime that could put the culprit behind bars for years.

DeAnn Moore’s spooky Halloween decorations, meant to scare in good fun, were slashed overnight.

“They were just completely slashed like somebody had just taken a knife to all of them,” Moore said.

Moore said the setup was a lot of work, and the inflatables were not cheap.

“We were disheartened by it,” she said. “We were like, we don’t know if somebody’s mad because they don’t like Halloween. Is it the kids doing it? Are the lights too bright in somebody’s window?”

On that same night, Blue Springs police received a report about a damaged mailbox in the same area.

Moore said several were destroyed, which is a federal offense. According to the United States Postal Service, the violator could be fined up to $250,000 and see up to three years behind bars.

“If it’s a kid just doing something like a prank or whatever or they have nothing better to do, there’s got to be other things to do,” Moore said. “It’s not a harmless crime. It does effect people.”

But Moore said through the bad, something good came out of it. New to the area, her fmaily experienced an outpouring of support from nearby neighbors and hundreds more on Facebook.

There were even offers to start a donation to get the decorations back up and moving.

“It was overwhelming to us,” Moore said. “So at that point we were like, we’ve got to get to the store, get duct tape. We’ve got to get this fixed and back up.”

After many rolls and layers of duct tape, the monsters are patched up and ready for Halloween. Only now, they look a little more like Frankenstein.

Big or small, the Blue Springs Police Department encourages the public to report all crimes. They remind everyone that damage to property is a serious offense. You can report a crime in Blue Springs online here.



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