Disney On Ice skater describes KC crowds after pandemic restrictions loosen


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Shows have tentatively resumed in Kansas City with the arrival of Disney On Ice’s show, “Dream Big.”

“Everyone’s so excited to get out and experience a family fun event, and so it’s even more than we thought. It’s so welcoming,” ice skater Natalia Stratton said.

Stratton said being back on the ice is better than she could have imagined. She skated for Disney On Ice for a couple years, starting in 2017, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and performances stopped.

Without shows, performers and artists across the country were left with very little. Some found ways to perform online, but many were forced to look elsewhere for work or take unemployment benefits.

However, performances are starting to return. Football games paved the way in late 2020 with pod-style seating, face masks, sanitation efforts and more. Officials have now started to approve other limited attendance at large-scale events.

More types of gatherings are allowed now than in the spring of 2020. However, some health restrictions remain in place. Performance venues must first submit a public health plan to the City and get approval for the show, since. If the venue can prove it will conduct an event safely, the city is likely to let it run.

“It’s so different in so many great and amazing ways because we have so much energy, and we’re so excited to be here,” Stratton said. “Thinking back to those times of being home, it’s just even more warming to our heart, and experiencing it with the audience as well, it’s just amplified even more.”

She said the show blends old stories with some of the new, popular movies, so it’s perfect for audiences of all ages.

“We have a blend of old school and new school,” she said. “We have stories from ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ Pixar’s ‘Coco,’ we have ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Princess and the Frog’ and so many more stories as well.”

“Dream Big” will run for another weekend, finishing up on Sunday, Feb. 7.

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