‘Disrespectful’: Fisher finds more than seven deer carcasses dumped in Cass County river

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Editor's note: Some viewers might find footage in the video above to be graphic. 

CASS COUNTY, Mo. -- The Missouri Department of Conservation is investigating after more than seven animal carcasses ended up in a Cass County river.

In a video captured by Cory Mays of Harrisonville, it shows more than seven deer carcasses in the South Grand River.

"I came across this bridge, and there was just like 8-10 dead deer in the water. I thought it was super disrespectful," Mays said.

He said he was magnet fishing when he found the deer remains. Mays said he hunts, too, but would never leave one of his kills in the water like this.

"I hunt as well. I was always told that you use everything and dispose of it properly," Mays said.

Conservation Agent Phil Needham said this is a fairly common problem across the state.

"The ideal situation would be, if a hunter has a place to hunt, then they should have a place to dispose of the carcass," Needham said.

He said places like fields and wooded areas are the best place to dispose of animal carcasses. Dumping animal remains in the water might be the worst place.

"This is somebody’s drinking water. You never want to dispose of a deer in a creek or any type of moving water or on the banks of a creek," Needham said.

Since the carcasses are already in the stages of decomposing, the department will continue to let nature run its course.

The Missouri Department of Conservation said the incident is under investigation. They're not sure if these deer were hunted or hit by a car and dumped. If they find out who disposed of the deer, it could lead to wild life violations.



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