Distracted Driving: Overland Park police release videos showing crashes after drivers run red lights

Video provided by Overland Park Police

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Overland Park police say it’s time to recommit and slow down, obey traffic signals, and avoid distractions behind the wheel as the department warns about continued danger on Johnson County streets.

Overland Park police pointed to three crashes in less than a month that could have been avoided. In each crash, a driver ran a red light and crashed into a turning car. The department said the crashes in the video player above are just three examples that they work too often.

The first happened May 9 at College Boulevard and Metcalf Avenue. Video shows a white SUV running the light and hitting a car. Police put a timer on the video showing the crash happened at least 20 seconds after the light at the intersection turned red.

Overland Park police shared video of another red light runner from last week. The crash happened at 138th Street and Metcalf Avenue on June 20. You can see that the light at the intersection is red, and other traffic was stopped. The driver of a black SUV entered the intersection and t-boned another driver.

A similar crash happened several days later, on June 25. That time a car ran a red light at West 75th Street and East Frontage Road, and hit another driver.

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