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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — There have been at least 19 threats of violence to Kansas City area schools since October, and five just this week in Kansas City, Kansas.

For parents it’s an inherent fear.

“I’m just scared. I mean, I don’t know what am I gonna do as a parent,” said Camille Brown, whose daughter attends Schlagle High School in KCK.

This follows a stabbing at her daughter’s school just weeks ago. Now she’s taking matters into her own hands.

“I actually talked to my daughter about different things that she should do at school to protect herself, and I believe that all parents should be able to talk to their children about what’s going on, things to do to protect themselves,” Brown said.

But police said don’t worry. They have it under control, even though there seem to be more threats.

“Number one thing is, don’t automatically panic, let’s look at, slow things down,” said Maj. Steve Owens. “We have a very good network of information sharing between law enforcement agencies.”

Agencies are working across state lines to help ensure all students and staff across the metro stay safe.

With nearly two dozen threats in less than three months, both the KCK and Olathe school districts told FOX4 they have active plans in place to help curb the problem.           

But the top priority remains the wellbeing of students.

“The safety of the students, the safety of the community is definitely the in the best interest of not only our police department, but we share that with all the other police departments in the surrounding area,” Owens said.

In several of these recent cases, police and districts have identified legitimate concerns or the person who caused them. They are taking action, and some students are facing expulsion or legal consequences.

In the KCK school district, officials say report any suspicious behavior on school campuses to 913-627-4111 or call 911.