Disturbing home invasion has residents on alert in Independence neighborhood

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Surveillance video captures disturbing images of a break-in that Independence police say happened in broad daylight. It`s an unsettling image for those who`ve seen it, and it has neighbors on high alert.

Police say the burglary happened Thursday November 19. The department released the surveillance video a week later, Wednesday the 25th.

“We`re off the beaten path. It`s a place where people walk their dogs and visit as they go along. It`s just very quiet and peaceful,” said neighbor Bob Kyser, when describing the neighborhood where it happened.

Police say the intruder broke into a home at West 36th Street and Crysler Avenue. There was surveillance video from inside the home showing a man walk in with a gun. Police say he forced his way through the front door.

“We`re very concerned about our neighbor, and just the invasion on a person`s space and privacy, and that just causes us to be a little unsettled as well,” said neighbor Bob Kyser.

Police haven`t said what the man took from the house. Fortunately no one was home at the time. Kyser says this is the first time he`s heard of something like this happening in his neighborhood in the 17-years he`s lived there. Word of the break-in will cause him and other neighbors to be more vigilant.
“Well we`re thinking about seeing if the neighbors want to organize an unofficial neighborhood watch endeavor so we can be more systematic in what we`re doing,” said Kyser.

If you recognize the man from the video, call Independence police or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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