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HOLLAND, Mich. – A young man was practicing his dives when he went under the water and never came back up, according to FOX 17. Then one of the coaches that helped save the young man collapsed himself.

“I was terrified,” diving coach Kevin White told FOX 17. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

The  executive director of the aquatic center told FOX 17 the student dove into the water doing a practice dive and never came back up.

“All I heard was a bunch of commotion and a guy was pointing at a kid at the bottom of the pool,” White told FOX 17. ” And then I saw a lifeguard jump in.”

Lifeguards and other coaches jumped in the water to save the young man, according to FOX 17.

“He wasn’t moving,” White told FOX 17. “He’s was as white as a ghost.”

Milford swimming coach Chris Smith told FOX 17 the incident shook up some of his swimmers.

“They were all pretty nervous about what they saw,” Smith told FOX 17. “It was just a big shock for everybody.”

Coach Kurt Mirandette was one of the first responders to dive in and administer CPR. The coach then collapsed.

The coach suffered from chest pains after helping the student, the school’s athletic director told FOX 17. The coach has since undergone surgery and is doing well..