#Divorce. Man Live-Tweets Couple’s Break-Up at Burger King

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Nowadays, don’t be surprised when you find out your public doings becoming a little more public than you intended. That’s the case for one couple, whose break-up inside a Burger King was live-tweeted for all with photos and videos.

Boston Globe web developer Andy Boyle was the quick-fingered Twitter-er, who alerted his followers to the relationship’s demise by Tweeting, “I am listening to a marriage disintegrate at a table next to me in this restaurant. Aaron Sorkin couldn’t write this any better.”


What follows is a dramatic moment by moment re-telling of the couple arguing, standing up and eating their dinner inside the fast food restaurant.  There’s no word on whether the couple now knows their entire conversation was shared with the Internet.

The world-wide publishing didn’t end there.  Journalist Rhiannon Coppin put all the tweets together into narrative form.



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