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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital are caring for a patient they said could have the Ebola virus, but also stated it’s a very low risk. The patient, who hospital staff said is a man in his 30’s from the metro, was in isolation Friday night while waiting for test results to come in.

“He’s not a medical care worker, he’s not in contact with any known cases of anybody infected with the Ebola virus and doesn’t have anything other than his travel history there to suggest that he could have potentially Ebola,” said Dr. Lee Norman, Chief Medical Officer at the hospital.

Dr. Norman said the patient is at a very low risk for Ebola and most likely has malaria or typhoid. He said the patient just returned to the U.S. on Thursday from Sierra Leone. He said the patient didn’t have a headache or fever when he left West Africa, but did once he arrived to the states.

“We recognize that the management of these cases that could be Ebola generate a fair amount of anxiety and a fair amount of concern,” said Dr. Norman.

Test results can take up to 48 hours to get back, but Dr. Norman said they could come as soon as Saturday morning. The patient remains in isolation at the hospital.